Buying A Dash Cam    What To Consider When Buying a Dash Cam – Budget –  Dash cams range in price from $140 to $350. The entry level dash cams range from $140 – $200. If you aren’t looking to spend a lot on a dash cam then this range would be for you. The […]

WiFi Dash Cams What Are WiFi Dash Cams –  WiFi dash cams are a form of dash cams that are connected to your phone. Using WiFi you can see the footage taken on the dash cam on an app on your phone. The footage remains on the cameras SD card but you can see the […]

Dash Cams   What Is A Dash Cam – A ‘Dash Cam’ is a camera that you can attach to the dashboard or rear-view mirror of your car and use it to record other cars and what is happening on the road through your windscreen. How Do Dash Cams Work – Once the Dash Cam […]

Dash Cams Along with GPS, Sat-Nav and other driving aid devices, dash cams or car cameras appear to be the next up and coming car accessory in the world of technology. With features such as automatic recording, continuous loop and crash sensors, verifying your version of events has been so easy.   Ideally safe drivers […]

Hidden Dash Cams are car safety cameras designed to be as unnoticeable as possible at the front of your windscreen. Instead hanging from the windscreen lower down the cameras are designed to wedge above the rear view mirror. A good example of a 1080p full HD hidden dash camera is the Auto-Vox B40. This unit […]

Mirror Dash Cams are ideal for those wanting a hidden dash cam camera as the units clip straight over your existing mirror and just look like a rear view mirror but with the added edition of a camera. The Auto-Vox M3 is a great example of the latest generation of 1080p full hd mirror dash cam […]

  App based Dash-cams or wifi dash-cams are becoming a very popular choice by professional  drivers around Australia as these cameras can be made with high quality optics and still keep the $$$$ respectable and thats just to start the list of benefits with these cameras. Ease of control. How many apps have you used? […]