Buying A Dash Cam

Buying A Dash Cam 


What To Consider When Buying a Dash Cam –

Budget – 

Dash cams range in price from $140 to $350. The entry level dash cams range from $140 – $200. If you aren’t looking to spend a lot on a dash cam then this range would be for you. The next group of dash cams range from $230-$270. These dash cams are ideal for people wanting to spend a bit more. After that, you are looking at dash cams around $350+. This range is definitely for people who are investing in their dash cam. However, no matter what dash cam you choose, we’re sure you will be pleased with it.


The dash cams in our range start at $140 and go up to $350. We are aware that not everyone’s budget will allow them to spend $350 on a dash cam, which is why our range includes more budget friendly options that will still do the job.


Resolution – 

Not all cameras with the same resolution produce the same quality footage. Many other factors play a part in producing good quality footage including the bitrate of the recording. For the average person buying a dash cam, it is extremely hard to tell what the quality of the footage will be like just from specifications. Because of this, we highly recommend watching videos of the dash cam you are interested in buying to have a better understanding of the footage quality.

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Size – 

Dash cams come in many different sizes made for different vehicles and purposes. If you want to buy a subtle and more hidden dash cam then buying a smaller one would be the best decision. However, if you didn’t mind if people could see the dash cam or not and wanted to easily be able to press buttons on the camera then a bigger dash cam would be the best choice.

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