Wireless dash-cams D6 & D7


App based Dash-cams or wifi dash-cams are becoming a very popular choice by professional  drivers around Australia as these cameras can be made with high quality optics and still keep the $$$$ respectable and thats just to start the list of benefits with these cameras.

Ease of control. How many apps have you used? the majority are very easy to navigate and self explanatory and almost always include a tutorial or at least a help menu and the Auto-Vox app is no exception it is so simple to use changing settings and navigating through all the features is a pleasant and refreshing experience.

Autovox D7

Size and wight is reduced significantly as less hardware is required to operate these dash cams as there are no buttons or screens needed and the user interface is projected to your smartphone and it works seamlessly.

Auto-Vox D7


backing up data and sharing images and videos. the app allows you to upload photos and videos directly to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and pinterest. The data that is stored on the SD card can be backed up via wifi to your phones memory to keep track of incidents easily.

Auto-Vox D6

The app also includes instructions frequently asked questions and answers to nearly anything you need to know about the dash cam. They also supply After sales support directly through the app for anything else you may need to know.

Screenshots from the Auto-Vox app