Dash Cams

Dash Cams


What Is A Dash Cam –

A ‘Dash Cam’ is a camera that you can attach to the dashboard or rear-view mirror of your car and use it to record other cars and what is happening on the road through your windscreen.

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How Do Dash Cams Work –

Once the Dash Cam is attached to your car and wired into the cigarette adapter it is ready to record. The dash cam will automatically turn on with the car so there is no need to manually turn it on.


Reasons To Buy A Dash Cam –

  • Dash cams can provide recorded evidence of accidents or any other problems you might face on the road.
  • Dash cams can record collisions when you aren’t in the car.
  • GPS dash cams can record exactly where the collision took place.


Do Dash Cams Work When The Car Is Off – 

Typically dash cams do not work when the car is off, because it is powered through the cigarette adapter, which does not work without power. However, when you car is off you can put the dash cam in ‘Parking Mode’, that way when the camera senses motion it will start recording.


What Are The Components Of A Dash Cam –

Dash Cams consist of three primary parts…

  • Video camera
  • Hard-wired power inputs
  • Solid-state storage media (can be built in or removable)


What Are Some Ways You Can Use Dash Cams – 

There are two main ways dash cams are used. Firstly, they are used to record what is happening outside the car. This could be behind your car or in front. Secondly, they are used to record what is happening inside your car. This use would be extremely useful for in forms of transport such as Uber’s.


Will The Recordings Be Overwritten By New Data – 

In short, no. Dash cams use G – sensor to ensure that recordings of collisions are not overwritten with new data. This sensor separates the data and either stores the collision data in an individual file or makes it read-only. The G – sensor is also what splits up the footage into separate recordings so you won’t have to sit through one really long file to find the collision.


Why Good Drivers Also Need Dash Cams – 

If you’re an observant and responsible driver, you may be thinking “why do I need a dash cam?”. Well, here’s why. When you are driving, you don’t just have to worry about you and your car but you also have to worry about the competence of the drivers around you. You may be able to control your driving but when it comes to the other drivers on the road, that is something you can’t control making investing in a dash cam a responsible decision.

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How Long Do Dash Cams Hold Their Charge – 

Because dash cams are connected through the cigarette adapter, the will work whenever the car is on. However, when the car turns off the dash cam will stay on for about 5-10 seconds, this is the camera saving the last files. If the car is off, and the dash cam senses motion, it will turn back on for about 5 minutes and then turn off again. When the dash cam is fully charged, it can last for about 30 minutes without the car being on.


Charging My Dash Cam – 

If you charge your dash cam with an AC power adaptor it will take about 1.5 hours to be fully charged and if you charge it through a computer’s USB port then it will take about 3 hours to be fully charged.

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