WiFi Dash Cams

WiFi Dash Cams

What Are WiFi Dash Cams – 

WiFi dash cams are a form of dash cams that are connected to your phone. Using WiFi you can see the footage taken on the dash cam on an app on your phone. The footage remains on the cameras SD card but you can see the recordings taken on the camera, on your phone immediately. Image result for D6 dash cam

How Do WiFi Dash Cams Work – 

First you set up the dash cam in your car. Then you download the cameras app onto your phone and connect the two devices using WiFi. From here you are able to see footage taken on the camera, immediately on your phone.

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Benefits Of A WiFi Dash Cam –

With WiFi cameras the camera is more discrete because there is no need for a screen because you can see the footage on your phone. Along with this, you don’t need to transfer the footage onto a laptop in order to see the recordings because you can access them on your phone. Another great benefit to a WiFi dash camera is you can upgrade the app quickly without having to upgrade the camera and also you can access the footage at any time from even outside the car by simply connecting through the app on your phone to the camera. Also, if you need the footage on the memory card stored in the camera you can download directly to your phone via WiFi quickly and easily.