GPS Dash Cams

Dash Cams with GPS are ideal for people wanting to match up the footage taken on the camera with the exact location the vehicle is at at the time. This feature is ideal for fleet cars so employers can check exactly where a car or truck was at the time of an incident. It can also be useful for tracking employees locations over the course of the day to account for time. The GPS works by connecting to satelite via the GPS receiver that plugs directly into the camera. If an accident occurs it will automatically be recorded and time and date stamped and location marked. The footage will not be erased until you go into the memory card and remove so even if the unit is still recording it will not record over a piece of footage where an accident has taken place as the G sensor will have activated and will automatically save 5 minutes of footage at the time of the collision. Also if you are purchasing your first dash cam with GPS we also recommend you choose wifi as well as these cameras are super cool and connect directly to your smart phone via an easy to download app. Wifi is great to view footage directly from the camera via your phone.

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