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Great Range of Dash Cams

Dashboard Cameras or Dash Cams are becoming the norm for most cars on the road these days. With the ever increasing liabilities on drivers it is essential in an accident to have video evidence of the event to tell your side of the story or somebody else will. Dash cams work by fixing to the dashboard or windscreen of the car and every time you start the engine they will automatically start recording. Most dash cams now come equiped with built in motion detection so they will also start recording even if your car is parked and somebody hits into it.

Aus Dash Cams  specialise in  Dash Cams and vehicle safety video camera solutions and we are available Monday to Friday for advice or help. Whatever your vehicle safety camera needs are we’re here to help and can be contacted via email 7 days a week and via phone on (03) 4245 1143 Mon-Friday 9am-6pm. All Orders Same Day Shipping If Ordered Before 3pm.