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A dash cam or dash board camera is a safety camera that can be fitted to a dash board or to your windscreen via suction cup which is provided. The dash cam continuously records the view through a vehicle windscreen and can also record what is going on inside the cabin. Dash cams are being used more and more to provide video evidence in the event of a crash and most cameras now have motion detection that marks and preserves the recording at the time of impact. Dash cams can also double for fun with many people using them to record themselves or others while driving. The dash cams come in many shapes and sizes and also function with some having increased hard drive space and others having built in GPS functions so you can tell exactly where you were when an event was recorder.

Choosing a memory card depends on usage with the dash cam and how high the resolution of the video you are taking is.  As a general rule dash cameras record in a loop so when it runs out of space it starts recording at the beginning again unless you set it otherwise. 16GB -32GB is more than enough if you are using the camera to record your journey from week to week for safety purposes. Also most dash cameras will not record over a piece of memory that has been taken when the motion detection has been set off in the case of an accident so the evidence will be preserved until you want to erase. If you need more memory for example doing documentaries or a video diary and you want to keep all your video recordings we have units that support  super high capacity 250gb hard drives  cards like the  http://www.ausdashcams.com.au/product/cy-s1/.
Yes Dash Cameras are legal to use in Australia and there are no restrictions on their use in vehicles. But like all devices any setting or adjustments should be made before your journey as taking your eyes off the road while driving is never a good idea for any reason .