Mirror Dash Camera

Mirror Dash Cams are ideal for those wanting a hidden dash cam camera as the units clip straight over your existing mirror and just look like a rear view mirror but with the added edition of a camera. The Auto-Vox M3 is a great example of the latest generation of 1080p full hd mirror dash cam kits ideal to use as a front facing car camera and also as a reversing camera for people with older vehicles without rear cameras. These units are easy to set up and come with both the front built in camera, rear reversing camera and also all the brackets and cables needed to install in any vehicle.

When driving the front and rear cameras are recording all the time so in the event of an accident the footage will be saved and not recorded over. The mirror camera will look just like a normal rear view mirror when driving so you wont be distracted by video footage but at any stage a button can be pressed to view front or rear images. The unit is also useful as a reversing camera and can be activated when reversing.