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At Aus Dash Cams Australia we stock a large range of different types of Dash Cams for various applications. For help or advice please feel free to contact us or view our category pages for more specialised info on different applications or functions. For a brief explanation of features on some cameras please see below explanation.

GPS Or GPS Enabled. simply means the Dash Cam has built in GPS or you can connect a GPS receiver into the unit. GPS is useful if you are trying to see exactly where you were when an event occurred or simply matching a location with a piece of video recorded or a photo taken.

Wifi or Wifi Enabled. Wifi dash cams can communicate with your smart phone and with an app downloaded to your phone your phone screen becomes the interface for the camera to view and also control. These are great and easy to use.

•Front And Rear or Reversing. Simply put the kit you will be supplied with comes with a second camera that connects to the rear of the car and will connect to the main control unit.

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